Open minded, honest and personal communications lay the foundation to trust and creative development.


Multidisciplinary skill set adds a unique perspective and expanded creative potential.

Award Winning

Industry recognition is not the goal when creating work but it certainly helps put things into perspective.


Whole hearted dedication to each project from start to finish with no hidden fees.

Sound Design and Composition

Backward Clock Sound offers unique, creative and engaging sound design and original music based on your needs.

Creating the soundscapes to accompany video and film is a delicate and subtle art. I take a lot of pride in my ability to sculpt audio unique to your universe. This process is always done in close communication with you, the creator.

There are no needs too ambitious. I love music and everything about it; every style, every mood. The real work comes in putting our heads together to decide what music or sound will benefit the project best – and sometimes that means no music.

This is all about working together.


Mixing is a creative process - we are talking about your creations – your heart and soul. 

As a fellow artist, I approach this process with tact and respect. Creating a  friendly and personal creative space allows the communication to flow freely for the better of the project; this is of the highest priority. We need to know each other to truly understand each other. We need to understand each other to create your music the way you imagine it.


Finish with confidence; delivering world-class quality and competitive levels with stem mixing and analog mastering.

Mastering is the final stage in music production and should never be overlooked. 

Industry standards for loudness and tone vary from style to style and platform to platform. I have extensive knowledge and creative sensibility when mastering different genres for various platforms. All of this occurs in open and direct communication. Mastering is not a secret hidden art and you deserve to know and understand why and how certain decisions are made.

Podcast Production

Your voice - big, bold and professional

Podcasts are quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of media.
Stand out from the masses with high quality vocal treatment and original
branded music made for your show.

Services range from basic audio processing and quality control to a full-on Podcaster Toolkit.  

My Podcaster Toolkit is a one-stop solution for everything you need to make your show great.

I’ll work with you to help develop your brand, tone and mood for a consistent listening experience from episode to episode. I like to call this, your sonic footprint. I’m an experienced creator across all platforms and genres with a critical, constructive and friendly personality.

Every show has different needs. For this reason, pricing is always done on a case by case basis. Drop me a line or book a call to learn how we can put together a Podcaster Toolkit pertinent to your situation.


Thanks for popping in. Lets talk about your project! Send me an email to book a call.