The secret band-member no one needs to see.

I get it. Having your music mixed is a big investment. It can be very difficult to choose who to work with and why. We are talking about your creations – your heart and soul. This is a very intimate and personal thing to suddenly hand over to someone, – not to mention a potentially intimidating task.

Backward Clock Sound approaches this process with tact. I am a fellow artist. Creating a  friendly and personal creative space allows the communication to flow freely for the better of the project; this is of the highest priority. We need to know each other to truly understand each other. We need to understand each other to create your music the way you imagine it.

Mixing is a crucial part of the creative process. For that reason all mixes are offered with unlimited revisions at no extra cost. It is understood that sometimes we need to hear something a certain way to know if it is the right decision or not – so why should you have to pay extra for what we already know to be part of the creative process? All mixes include Analog Mastering services as part of the process and price.

Delivering class, quality and radio-ready mixes.

How much does it cost? Every project is different. I invite you to introduce your project to me so I can better understand your needs and provide a personalized estimate based on your project.

Send your music over with a brief introduction about yourself and your work, I’ll be happy to give it a listen and get back to you ASAP.


Thanks for popping in. Lets talk about your project! Send me an email to book a call.