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You’ve worked so hard, invested your valuable time and money in creating and producing your music. This final stage where you take the leap of faith in trusting another professional and fellow creative to help put the final touches on your work.
Bring your music to the world with confidence. Jeremy works directly and closely with you for the needs of your music. Revisions are unlimited and come at no extra cost with the needs of the project first and foremost.
Industry standards for loudness and tone vary from style to style and platform to platform. Jeremy has extensive knowledge in music and creative sensibility when mastering for different genres and various platforms. All of this occurs in open and direct communication; mastering is not a secret hidden art, and you deserve to know and understand why and how certain decisions are made.
Your music will stand next to your influences and peers with consistency and pride.

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Thanks for popping in. Lets talk about your project! Send me an email to book a call.